Selling Made Easy

1. Convenient Drop-In Service

We accept your top quality items on a convenient drop-in basis at 531 Bryne Drive, Barrie Ontario. You can sell to us anytime the store is open allowing enough time prior to closing to process your things. You pick the day or time that works best for you. No appointment is ever necessary. There is no limit to the number of items you bring and there is no garage sale hassels.

Bring in your gently used clothing seasonally and your accessories, furniture, toys and equipment year round. We buy almost anything related to expecting moms, babies and kids. View our "What We Buy" page for an array of ideas to sell to us. It will inspire you to organize, simplify and sell to Kid's Closet.

2. Friendly Associates

Speak with a friendly Kid's Closet associate who will determine the pricing and the time frame needed to complete your buy. Shop Value and Quality: Feel free to shop our racks for great buys while a buyer will review your items based on condition, brand name, style, safety standards, demand, season and past sales history. Or let us help you with our Time Buster: Save valuable time and run some errands outside of the store while your items are being processed. Be sure to return a half hour before closing to pick up your payout and any returned pieces.

3. Cash On The Spot

For all items accepted, you receive a same day cash payout. There is no consignment waiting. You can always put your payout towards purchasing something in the store. It's a fantastic way to turn your unwanted, outgrown stuff into something your little one needs.

Selling Tips

We're Always buying Used Kids Stuff at Kids Closet Barrie Ontario 1) We ask that your items be clean, complete and in working order. Clothing should be free of any stains, rips, missing buttons or fading.

2) Clothing items are to be freshly laundered and there is no need for folding! Just lay your clothing pieces flat for us to process quickly.

3) Group 2 or 3 piece outfits together in sets before you come....this will make you more money!!

4) Bring a sample of items you may have to sell on your first visit. That way our staff can give you great information, save you time and allow you to get comfortable with the selling process first.

5) Donate It: Kid's stuff that we are unable to buy can be donated just steps away to a charity donation drive-thru.

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